April 15, 2017

School Rallies and Assemblies that Create School Spirit!

School Spirit Rallies and Assemblies Tips! The rule for most schools for Pep Rallies and Assemblies are: Pep Rally’s are just for introducing sports teams, while assemblies are just for musical performances or guest speakers. Break the Rules! Rallies and Assemblies do not have to be just introducing sports teams or listening to music groups. They can be fun, have themes, and be a major event anticipated by all, no matter the size of your school! They can be a […]
March 27, 2017

How School Spirit can influence your Students’ performance in school!

I don’t know how many teachers experience the same feelings I have, but for me, many students suffer from a lack of motivation in school. I have tried to figure out why since they have lots of more things to do compared to when we were in school.​ They have social media, internet, and lots of other things to do, but still looks like they don’t have anything, some don’t show interest in class and all they want to do […]