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July 2, 2021

School Spirit, when we hear those two words, a lot of things come to our memories, some are good, funny, crazy, but most of the time it brings joy.

For school administrators a lot has change from the old days, when school spirit was achieved by having a school mascot and a couple of signs and shirts. Now with all the merchandising that is available with a click, school principals, faculty and coaches are in the need to step up their game.

With so much competition between schools, it has become the survival of the strongest. Sadly we need to be realistic and this has turned into a numbers game. The school with the biggest enrollment has the greater funds, and with that comes better facilities, technology, and the best skilled and trained faculty, staff, coaches, etc.

If the School Spirit is high, it is prooved that behaivior and academic performance will improve in the school. Students and staff become like a family.

Now the question is, are you taking the righ approach about School Spirit at your school?

We worked with schools for many years now, and one thing we understand is most of the time, they are running low on funds for extra curricular activities. Sometimes administrators try to make fundraising out of every item the school promotes and that is a good strategy, but not all the time.

You know how students are, if something looks “cool”, they simply want it, and parents will do whatever it takes to give it to them. If you manage your school to be the “cool school” of the city, you will run out of space for enrrollment.

When we say “cool school” we are not taking about a school that allows everyone to do what they want, but a school that performs academically, socially, and in sports.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Brand your school in every possible way but with good taste.
  2. Make use of all social media platforms, think about it, where are your students and parents most of the time?
  3. Don’t go for cheap apparell, it is your brand what you want to make people aware off.
  4. Give away magnets and stickers for cars, parents put them on their car and then drive around town showing it to everyone.

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