In a survey performed by the National Federation of State High Schools Association, they found that students with School Spirit or Top Achievers, they perform better academically, and are more engaged in social and civic matters, plus they’re happier in general than their least spirited peers.

Student should be rewarded for their academic performance, when students feel a sense of efficacy they tend to be more involved, more in tune with the great opportunities which exist at their schools. If they are not doing well in school they are not involved in athletics or many of the activities, additionally they don’t take personal responsibility for not doing well and tend to blame their school or other factors.
Students who are achieving strongly tend to be involved in all aspects of high school. They join clubs, start clubs, they participate in different events, activities and athletics on site. They get “The School Experience”.
As one principal summarized on the survey, School Spirit equates to a “sense of community with Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators working together with a common purpose and with activities for all segments of the school population.”