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Graduation Gown, Cap and Tassel

Commencement is a special day in your life, graduate! The traditional graduation cap, gown, and tassel are important iconic symbols of your success and pride in your school.
Graduation gowns brings an elegant formal look to the graduation ceremony. Made with the best polyester fabric that completes the making of the graduation robe. Available in different colors, fabric, design, pattern, and border. The finish of the gown makes it perfect if you are in search of a graduation gown that will help you to photograph well as you will not find any glare from the flash. Affordable enough for one-time use but also durable if wants to be reused. The Matte gown is made up of polyester material that will keep you comfortable through the graduation ceremony. There is shirring around the shoulders with a smooth neckline for you to be comfortable with a fashion pleated yoke.

Stoles for Graduation

Graduation stoles are sashes worn draped over the shoulders at a commencement ceremony to denote achievement in academics or extracurriculars. Stoles for graduation usually taper to a max width of five inches, and include custom text or images. Worn normally, stoles reach near the bottom of your gown’s sleeves.

The graduation hat is something that is a must when it comes to the graduation day celebration. The cap usually comes in black color though there are multiple color options to choose from.

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