March 25, 2019

Best School Spirit Advertising Strategies

School Spirit is one of the best advertisers for your Elementary School, Middle School, High School or College. Think about it, students and staff that are happy and feel proud of their school, will talk to others about their great experience.  School Spirit is a culture you need to create and it doesn’t happen in a day or month, it takes time, but once it is created, it becomes a snowball that nobody can stop.  Here are some suggestions for […]
May 19, 2017

Qualities of a Great School Website!

Imagine this: A parent heard about your school through a friend talking about how his son was excelling in the football team and really loves the teachers. He goes home and search your school’s programs to learn more about what you have to offer. However, he never fills out an inquiry form because your web page failed to meet the expectations he had. This is a common situation for schools. Branded searches drive a ton of website traffic to landing […]